Catholic Charities Parallels to Others

catholiccharitiesIn keeping with the Cancer Fairy Godmother ‘s objective to find free or low cost services the Catholic Charities organization is another agency that provides nutritious emergency meals and a full range of housing services for low income and vulnerable individuals and families. The Catholic Charities tradition parallels others in affirming that food and shelter are basic human rights. Until adequately available to all, Catholic Charities will continue to provide these essential services and work toward better policies to ensure both are more widely accessible.

What can you expect to find at catholic charities?

1. Emergency meals served in parish and community food program

2. Families prevented from becoming homeless

3. Individuals housed in temporary and transitional apartments

4. Individuals provided with emergency overnight shelter

5. Families living in affordable housing

If you need help in finding the services you need please call the Catholic Charities Help line at: 888-744-7900.

For more information about a particular program and/or service:

Emergency Meals

In any given year, community and parish-based food programs supported by Catholic Charities provide more than 5.3 million nutritious meals to families and individuals who struggle to make ends meet. Volunteers at parishes operate many programs while others are located in community-based programs services are also available to help people toward independence. Most food pantries provide staples to be taken home, while other programs provide hot meals on-site. With the generous support of the Rusty Staub Foundation, Catholic Charities operates “Rusty’s Rolling Van,” a mobile food pantry that regularly provides meals and other services in Staten Island and the Bronx. The Rusty Staub Foundation also responds to help victims of emergencies in other parts of the metropolitan area.

To find a program to assist you please click here.

If you need help in finding the services you need please call the Catholic Charities Help line at: 888-744-7900.

Catholic Charities works in partnership with others in feeding the hungry. Here are some other resources that might be useful:

  • NYC 24 Hour Hunger Hotline: 1-(866)-NYC-FOOD (1-866-692-3663)
  • Food Bank for New York City: external link See “Agency Network” and “Agency Directory.”
  • New York City Coalition Against Hunger: external link See “Hungermaps.”

Eviction Prevention

Families and individuals who, for whatever reason, are facing the loss of a home or apartment are assisted by highly trained Catholic Charities caseworkers to prevent eviction and homelessness. Staff will assess the situation and create a comprehensive plan to respond to the immediate emergency and help avoid future crisis. Caseworkers will work with landlords, legal services, and financial management programs, to help access rent subsidies and other government programs to assist families and individuals relocate to a new home. This type of emergency financial assistance is one way Catholic Charities responds to those in need.

For more information on these programs please click here

If you require assistance in finding the services you need please call the Catholic Charities Help Line at: 888-744-7900.

Emergency Shelters

Parishes and other community organizations provide temporary shelter and respite for people living on the street. Some of these shelters are accessed through a central system, while others are more informal and can be accessed directly. Operated mainly by volunteers, Catholic Charities provides assistance to these shelters and can help those in need access their services.

For more information on these services click here.

If you require assistance in finding the services you need please call the Catholic Charities Help Line at: 888-744-7900.

Temporary and Transitional Residences

Transitional, supported housing is an important component to the network of housing resources provided by Catholic Charities. Dedicated religious women have often taken the lead in developing and operating these housing programs. Some residences are specifically designed to serve the needs of women and their children, while others are available to the general population. Most offer a variety of services to assist the homeless in moving towards permanent housing and independence.

For more information on these services click here.

If you require assistance in finding the services you need please call the Catholic Charities Help Line at: 888-744-7900.

Permanent Affordable Housing

Affordable housing developed by Catholic Charities and other parishes decades ago remain a precious, yet precarious resource. Catholic Charities has worked to make the Association of Catholic Homes an important vehicle, not only for preserving existing housing, but also for developing new affordable housing in the Archdiocese. All of these housing units have specific eligibility criteria, and many have significant waiting lists.

For more information on these services click here.

If you require assistance in finding the services you need please call the Catholic Charities Help Line at: 888-744-7900.

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  1. Monica May 2, 2009 at 2:50 pm #

    My name is Monica

    I have been recently been diagnosed with kidney cancer i am only 40 years of age and the Dr’s find it strange that a person of my age has this. while in the hospital i was In ICU for 4 days. my heart and lungs gave out on me for a short period of time. i was on life support for 2 days. All i want to do now is to live not only for myself but for my children.
    I have 2 young children one 12 the other 7 and i need to be with them. ,
    My husband of 21 years walked out on us 2 months before i found out i had this ( i ha been a housewife for the past 10 years). I have had to relay on the medicaid to help with my medical bills but i am stilll short and now am asking for donations.
    If you trust me and in God you will help. I am not making this a get rich sceam nor am I trying to scam anyone. I am asking for myself im making this a survivor plea for myself and for my young children. please help.
    You may donate cash donations at paypal

  2. Gwen Norton June 28, 2010 at 4:15 am #

    Hi, I lost my husband to esophegeal cancer 19 mos. ago. I know exactly the financial and other hardships these families are experiencing. Even with insurance, it is possibe to become completely sunk. My children and I are slowly but surely putting our life back together, it definately is NOT easy and I am certain that I would not be doing nearly as well as I am with out support, financial and otherwise that I have received from so many. My children understandably can sometimes begin to feel sorry for themselves, and they certainly are angry and want to wage a fight against cancer! I am trying to turn this into a learning experience to the greatest extent possible. Would it be possible to help sponser a specific family? I think this would be so good for my children, and they could also possibly help children who may not believe that anyone else understands them or knows what it feels like to be going through what they are going through.

  3. d October 6, 2011 at 3:12 am #

    please remove my letter i humbly beg you please

  4. valerie ujueta January 18, 2013 at 12:00 pm #

    hi ive been told i have stage 4 cervial plus tumor in bladder i will b gettig a bag so i can go to bathroom i am at sloane kettring i finally fought for coverage now disabilty i am widow 6 children always worked i am worried as my rent and lights i never thought this would happen i am praying tumor shrinks but am looking for temp help till disabilty kicks in this is still unreal to me

  5. Aviva Zayan January 23, 2013 at 11:59 pm #

    Hi! My name is Aviva, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Since my diagnosis I have not been able to work as I used to drive all over the Midwest. Financially distraught, having to depend on people for everything. Haven’t been able to do much lately. The bills are piling up and I am trying not to stress out about it since it makes me sick when I do. Trying to get thru the treatments has been getting harder and sometimes I can barely eat. Sometimes I just want to give up. I don’t have much family support, half the time they forget I exist even now when I need them most. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you for any help!

  6. andrea smith June 20, 2014 at 8:09 pm #

    im 41yrs old and have been diagnosed with stage3 breasr cancer i have had a mastectomy and about to start radiation treatments on 6/25/2014 my job had just ended my short term disability and now my income is currently $0 i live in a hotel for $139 wkly and now im homeless bcause im still recovering from my surgery have Rx that i cant now afford bcause of no income and not physically able to return to work right now if there is a GOD which i know it is someone please help me who knows once i return to work i may need to lend a helping hand to someone else that has breast cancer as well GOD bless……

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