Free Grant Money From The Government

The Cancer Fairy Godmother has provided a list of  websites to help you apply and qualify for free grant money from the government. Below are some of the site just click on the link.

Some new resources found here:  Some Helpful Links

Federal Money Programs

Private Sources for Free Money and Grants

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252 Responses to Free Grant Money From The Government

  1. Dan Gioia May 8, 2017 at 12:50 pm #

    Today has been a terrible day. A month ago,the transmission on my truck broke down. We can’t afford to repair it and we can’t afford to buy even a used car. And we need a truck because I can’t get in and out of a sedan or a low car. We’ve been using our daughter’s Forrester when she wasn’t working. Today while driving to an appointment, someone ran a stop sign and hit the Forrester while my wife was driving. She spun out on the road an the front end was destroyed. My wife sustained some injuries and we have to watch her overnight. The person who hit her was impaired, has no insurance and is unemployed. So in one fell swoop we went from two vehicles to one to none. So now we have no way to get groceries let alone get to doctors appointments. We live in a very rural area without public transportation. And no we don’t have uber or lyft or car services which we can’t afford anyway. So I’m pleading with everyone to repost this everywhere you can. We are more desperate than ever. With both of us on disability, me for my cancer, my wife for her heart, we need help and those who know me know I never ask for help. So thank you all and God bless.

  2. Douglas Oberholtzer June 10, 2017 at 6:50 pm #

    My name is Douglas and I am and have been fighting cancer ( lymphoma ) for about 5 years now and moved to Norfolk Va almost a year ago and had to find a place to live quick as to get in treatment, my cancer had reached stage 3 and I was in desperate need of help but the place we moved in to was not the best choice but being short on time and under duress we really had no choice but to take it. This place is NOT handicapped friendly at all, my walker will not fit through the bathroom door and there is no room for my wheelchair at all and ther are some surprising things in the lease as well, the list is way too long to go in to here needless to say I need a more handicapped friendly place to live but my main problem is that I do not have the money to move that is why I am asking that if anyone knows of somewhere I can get help to get in a better place I would greatly appreciate any help you may be in guiding me in the right direction, thank you very much for reading this.

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