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Find free Makeup and other Beauty Sample freebies online!

It’s fun trying new free beauty products and makeup samples!  Many cosmetics companies have new products coming out all the time, and they want consumers to sample them and tell their friends about them.

During chemotheraphy it’s important to keep up your appearance.  The chemotheraphy process can cause your eye brows and lashes to become scarce causing your facial features to look slightly different. Putting on a little makeup sometimes helps you feel good.

It’s important to also be careful during the chemo process  about what you put on your face and body. Make sure you read the labels and consult with your doctor if you are unsure about a product to avoid any possible side effects which might cause you harm.

At you will find links to free makeup samples, virtual makeup lessons and more.  The key thing is FREE which is the cancer fairy godmother’s motto.  Give it a try and again read each offering carefully before submitting to any free sample.

When you look better…you feel better