Locating (Free) Food Banks/Pantries

food bankMany people out there do not qualify for food stamps. But what if you are in need of food. What do you do? For starters you can check with the Food banks and food pantries in your area which provide free food for those in need. To find a local food bank or food pantry in your area, click on the below links for assistance.

Second Harvest

Second Harvest is the largest network of food banks in the United States, and they provide emergency assistance to more than 25 million Americans each year. Visit their site to find a Second Harvest food bank in your area.More Info


PantryNet.org offers a listing of local food pantries around the nation. Visit their site to look for a food pantry in your area.More Info

Angel Food Ministries

Each month Angel Food Ministries distributes food to needy families through churches and non-profit organizations. The cost for a medium-sized box of food – valued at more than $50 per unit – costs participants between $25-$30, depending on their location. Angel Food Ministries offers a different menu each month, and participants must pre-order prior to picking up their food items. More Info


2-1-1 is a service provided through the United Way that connects individuals and families with service organizations and assistance programs right in your immediate area. Dial 2-1-1 on your telephone to find out whether the service is active in your area at this time. Operators will then direct you to additional sources of food and assistance in your area.

Center for Food Action

Who We Help and How We Help Them

People come to CFA for many different reasons. Most of our clients are working people who have hit upon hard times due to an illness, a low paying job, or temporary unemployment. After calling CFA for help, an appointment is made for a needs assessment with an advocate. A client can then receive a week’s worth of food packages up to six times a year. Advocates link our clients to community programs, provide budgeting and nutritional counseling, and offer referrals to other social service organizations, as needed. Emergency utility and housing assistance are also available to prevent homelessness and/or service disconnection.


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  1. Tee February 13, 2009 at 8:03 pm #

    I find the information regarding free food banks/pantry…..

    This information was beyond helpful, I am a single parent with two children and one future son-in-law now living with us in addition to my mother a senior in her mid 70’s. I am the sole bread winner to-date as both my daughter and her fiance are currently full-time college students seeking employment desperately. Being able to find assistance with meals and staple goods is a great relief.

    Thank you Cancerfairygodmother!

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