Consulting & Freelance Jobs to Consider

If you do get laid off your job you might want to consider making a career move by becoming a consultant or freelancer. Consider reading and answering the below questions to help you determine if this type of employment would be beneficial for you at this time.

  1. Do you enjoy working on multiple projects.
  2. Do you prefer working by myself rather than in groups.
  3. Are you a self-starter and take initiative in completing projects.
  4. Do you prefer setting my own hours and working on my schedule and being in charge of myself and my work.
  5. Do you establish daily, weekly, and monthly goals that I regularly meet.
  6. I have more than 5+ years in my field.
  7. I have a degree/certificate in my field.I am a problem-solver, ready to tackle the hard.
  8. I enjoy coming up with ideas to solve tough problems.
  9. I can teach my methods to others and share them.
  10. I am a good communicator and enjoy talking with clients.
  11. I am disciplined enough to work in an environment with no formal structure.

Job Opportunities for Consultants, Contract Workers, Freelancers:
Aquent — a place for creative and technical professionals can find contract, project-based, and permanent work. Each job-seeker is assigned a “talent agent” who helps in your career management and client choices. You can search for jobs, sign up for an email job-alert program and submit your resume/application. Free to job-seekers. — a great site for freelancers, you’ll find a central information base for freelancers to find everything that you could need all in one place, including an online freelance e-zine, searchable job listings, resume services, and profile provider. — where creative professionals looking for freelance work can connect with small-to-medium sized businesses looking for freelance or full-time creative talent. All administrative tasks are handled by the site. Membership is free, but there is a 5% transaction fee for each project negotiated on the site.

Consultants on Demand — a place for information technology consultants to find everything you need for your business, including billing and record-keeping, health and liability insurance, and marketing, promotion, and client development. Fees for all these services is 10% of your billing.

Do A — an online referral service for IT contract-based employment — connecting businesses with projects with individuals and firms seeking contract employment. Specializes in IT-related projects such as programming, design, writing, translating, graphic design, project management, search engine placement, and software development. Fee-based. — a worldwide freelance marketplace that includes proposals in business, computer, engineering, financial, medical, marketing, and much more. This site provides the resources for people to connect, communicate, and complete your projects. — a comprehensive site for part-time and consulting jobs. Includes four main “” sites, including (for programmers, system administrators, software specialists, networking experts, trainers and end users support), (for multimedia, graphic design, advertising, writing, and content providers), (for administrative support, accounting, paralegal, customer service, telemarketing, and data entry), and (for management and strategy, e-business, legal, CPA, and engineering professionals). Free to professionals.

eWork Exchange — a place where independent professionals, project managers, and service companies can meet to discuss projects and work together to complete projects online. Features include online Web-sumes and project pages, feedback-reputation checks, collaborative online tools and workspaces, as well as back office support. — a job site for job-seekers not seeking traditional full-time, on-site, 9-to-5 jobs — but instead, seeking telecommuting (or work from home, telework, virtual work), part-time, flex-time, contract, consulting, project-based, seasonal, and volunteer work. Job-seekers can search “hand-screened and legitimate” job postings, but must be a member to apply. Fee-based.

Freelance JobSearch — where freelancers — currently more than 1,000 — can search for jobs and find freelance positions, as well as create an online profile and resume that potential employers can review. The site is also about trying to develop a community of freelancers — for networking and interacting with peers. Free membership. — a job site exclusively for the arts, with jobs in film, music, theater, production, television, radio, dance, and others. Includes other useful information, such as venue information, associations, unions and guilds, and more. Fee-based. — a fantastic resource for IT, creative, and business freelancers and consultants. The site’s mission is to empower independent professionals by providing the tools necessary to succeed. These tools include job opportunities, creation of your guru profile, career guidance, and support services. Free to gurus. — a site that specializes in bringing specialized IT freelancers together with organizations that outsource projects. Independent contractors can post your profile and search for projects. Free. — a project site for IT, programming, marketing, and writing/translation freelancers. Simply browse through the available jobs, register for an account, and then place a bid for the job. No cost to freelancers.

The Jobble Network — where contract professionals seeking employment can meet with employers with contract jobs. Job-seekers can search for job leads (by job type, location, or keywords) or browse the 3,000+ positions. Registration required. Free to job-seekers.

KIT List — the KIT (Keep In Touch) List is an email job posting service where employers and recruiters advertise permanent or consulting job opportunities. No cost to job-seekers to join list, but a small charge to recruiters and employers to post a job opportunity to the KIT List. — an interactive network of experienced MBAs looking for high-profile full-time and project positions. Through innovative programs and techniques, members are showcased. Members post your bios and a cover letter, as well as gain access to job listings and other resources. Free to job-seekers.

MindBench — a site for high-achieving consultants — helping you achieve your career goals (whether interested in full-time employment or freelancing opportunities) through providing the job opportunities and offering effective career counselling. No cost to job-seekers.

Shelancers — a directory of female freelancers who provide short and long-term expert support in a variety of areas (such as writers, Web designers, virtual assistants, and more). Freelancers must pay registration and monthly fee to use the site. — designed to bring independent professionals from around the world to work together in a secure environment on projects in one of five areas: document production; graphic design; Net research; Web build support; and writing and editing. — where freelancers, contractors, and consultants can find your next project — or gig. Job-seekers can post multiple customized profiles and search the available gigs and find opportunities that match your interests. From — a site where subcontractors can post your credentials as well as search for available jobs from hundreds of contractors. Registration required. Free to job-seekers. — an online community for Web-expert (HTML, Perl, CGI) freelancers, where you can browse and bid on open jobs. The site is operated by the International Association of Web Masters and Designers (I.A.W.M.D.). Free to job-seekers. — a contracting network that empowers professional contractors to list your services in a professional profile section, bid for government, company, and other contracts/jobs, and consider optional services to better market yourself and your services. Free to independent contractors.

Resources for Independent Professionals:
MyBizOffice — a portable W-2 company for independent professionals (such as consultants, contractors, and freelancers). Combines the benefits of a full-time jobs with the satisfaction and wealth potential of working for yourself by helping you with payroll administration, benefits, insurance, 401K, and more. Fee-based.

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