Free Clinics offered by VIM Berkshires

The Cancer Fairy Godmother is pleased to announce VIM Berkshires which provides free clinics that offer medical, dental, mental health, and optometry services.

Click here for VIM Berkshires

The response to the site has been great. The information provided to us about VIM Berkshires came from a person who is involved in the GIVE BACK program.

For those of you who are wondering what this organization does …VIM Berkshires is the result of a shared dream on the part of many individuals: opening a free healthcare clinic to serve the thousands of people who work without employer-provided health insurance, do not qualify for governmental assistance programs and are not financially able to purchase individual healthcare. The essential belief was that a volunteer based clinic in the Berkshires was crucial to closing some of the healthcare gaps facing our community.

How You Can Help Someone Receive Services:

If you or someone you know has no health insurance, please contact the clinic for eligibility screening. All services are free, including lab work, prescription drugs, and x-rays.

How to find VIM Alliance Clinics in your state

To find a VIM clinic in your area, or for information on volunteering, click on the state to see where a VIM clinic is located.

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