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I have just changed the header for the site to reflect a new attitude of joy and hope.  I have been in the weeds with an eye opening new project that has consumed my time over the last few months, partnering with a brilliant social media marketing guy Brent Campbell of A Hundred Miles and Hour .

He and I have been working on a project that at the start I found unsettling, but as I did deep research and intel on the subject matter, became very eye opening and has changed my attitude towards the legal profession and lawyers in general.  Brent and I (under the ‘A Hundred Miles and Hour’ brand) has been busy creating some really cool informational, educational websites about finding ways to help people with cancer and other life threatening conditions.  I will start to post some screen shots and links in a few days, but for now i am jumping into the Cancer Fairy Godmother Site to change the banner to something fresh and lite for spring.

It has been a long winter up here in what I call Ice Planet Hoth, which is what the Ski Country of Southern Vermont has been like this winter.


~ K

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  1. damon March 9, 2013 at 6:35 pm #

    is there anywhere i can get help with my bills

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