Hello from Cancer Fairy Godmother !

To everyone who has been posting in need on this site, one of the main things that people are asking about is financial help for lives torn apart by Cancer.

It has been difficult for me to be able to come up with options when there is so much need and so little money and resources. Like many people in the country, I am living hand to mouth due to the economy and the crazy disconnected politics happening far away from the planet I live on, Planet Earth, opposed to Planet Washington DC.

Politics aside, Tonya Sue Carther created this site to help people cope with all the issues that come up when one is dealing with Cancer. I am just a guy trying to keep her site going, and I am hoping that people can find and help each other on this site.

In the meantime, I am posting a big link on the front of this site to LiveStrong, a cancer charity that seems to be well funded and vibrant. Perhaps the people over at LiveStrong can give some insight and information to people looking for financial and practical help.

I am not bailing on this site, I will approve any comments, requests and communications posted to Cancer Fairy Godmother. I am searching for charities that specialize in Cancer patient help for adults. These days, most of the Cancer focused charities are created to help children when it comes to financial aid.

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  1. LaVerne Winston February 8, 2011 at 3:30 pm #

    My daugther is a breast cancer patient, who is going through treatment for the above mentioned.She has had a mastectomy, and she is now suffering various complications: Her veins have collapased, she now has a port, which has become infected. She is suffering muptiple side affect from the chemo.
    She is almost out of sick days at work, her husband (ATitle Search Specialist) has been out of work for almost three years. All of their bills are behind.
    I am mostly concerned with aiding in her recovery… It has been recommend that she adhere to a high organic vegetable & fruit diet to help aid in her recovery, which is too expensive for us to adquately provide for her. Friends and family members have helped ,but most are not economically able to do all that is needed. I am asking where we/she can apply for assistance. Please help, all suggestions welcome! Thanking you in advance for you help,
    LaVerne Winston

  2. Wanda October 15, 2011 at 7:32 pm #

    hi there
    you can email me anytime
    i have been thru alot
    and am a few months out,
    its so expensive to get
    the organic foods!

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