Pro Bono Legal Services for Cancer Patients

If you are in need of a lawyer try contacting one of the below agencies.

Atlanta Legal Aid Society, The Cancer and ALS Legal Initiative
Atlanta Legal Aid Society, Inc.
151 Spring Street NW
Atlanta, GA 30303
(404) 614-3969

The Cancer and ALS Legal Initiative is an outgrowth of the ALS AIDS Legal Project. The initiative was established after its founders realized that many of the issues faced by persons living with life threatening illnesses are often the same. They provide free legal assistance to low-income persons living with cancer in the five county metro Atlanta region (Fulton, Dekalb, Cobb, Gwinnett and Clayton). They specialize in issues such as employment discrimination, employment benefits, health insurance, life insurance, long and short term disability benefits, Social Security benefits, veterans benefits, food stamps, TANF, Medicare, Medicaid, COBRA, HIPAA, FMLA, consumer issues, debt issues, landlord/tenant, fair housing, and wills/advance directives.

Cancer Legal Resource Center
919 South Albany Street
Los Angeles, CA 90015-0019
Phone: (213) 736-1455
Toll Free: 866-843-2572
Fax:  213-736-1428
TDD: 213-736-8310

The Cancer Legal Resource Center is a community-based joint program of the Western Law Center for Disability Rights and Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, California. They provide information and educational outreach on cancer-related legal issues to people with cancer, their families, friends, employers and those who provide services to them. Extensive resources are available for additional assistance and information on legal issues such as cancer in the workplace, insurance coverage, navigating managed care/HMOs, trusts and estates, custody/ guardianship/ conservatorship, government benefits, and durable powers of attorney for health care/ living wills.

Cancer Legal Services Project
Volunteer Legal Services Program
The Bar Association of San Francisco
465 California Street, Suite 1100
San Francisco, CA 94104-1826
(415) 989-1616

Cancer Legal Services Project provides free services directly to low-income people with cancer. Intake staff provide information and referrals to attorneys who are sensitive to the needs of cancer survivors and are specially trained in meeting survivor’s needs. They provide services to anyone in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The Judges And Lawyers Breast Cancer Alert (JALBCA)
1324 Lexington Avenue, PMB 324
New York, NY 10128
(212) 683-6630 (Hotline)
(212) 289-9720 (Office)

JALBCA implements programs on a volunteer basis to bring information to the community concerning early diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. Its current projects include legislative position statements, a hotline for members of the legal community to speak with member judges and attorneys who are breast cancer survivors, providing pro bono legal consultations to people who believe they have been discriminated against in the workplace because of cancer, and programs to train colleagues to represent cancer patients on insurance reimbursement matters.

Legal Advocacy for Cancer Patients at the Temple Legal Aid Office
1719 N. Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122-6098
(215) 204-1800

The Legal Advocacy for Cancer Patients attorney and advocate services are free and available to all cancer patients and those financially responsible for someone who has been diagnosed with cancer and lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The program founder, Nancy Wimmer, is a graduate of Temple University School of Law, and cancer survivor.

Legal Information Network for Cancer (LINC)
P.O. Box 337
Richmond, VA 23218
(804) 644-LINC (5462)
(877) 644-LINC (toll-free)
(804) 644-5469 (fax)

Legal Information Network for Cancer was founded by two breast cancer survivors, who are attorneys. LINC assists cancer patients with the often difficult business side of cancer. Through its network of volunteers, LINC helps cancer patients in central Virginia resolve problems with insurance coverage, employment, and creditors so patients can focus their energies on getting well rather than worrying about how to pay for needed medical treatments or how to support their families. When lawyers are needed, LINC has a network of referral attorneys who provide services on a sliding fee scale, based on a patient’s ability to pay.

To Life!
410 Kenwood Avenue
Delmar, NY 12054
(518) 439-5975
(518) 475-9141 (fax)

To Life provides breast cancer education and support to help those concerned about or living with breast cancer to take control of their lives. Educational programs are held on topics such as the latest breast cancer treatments, understanding your pathology report, exercise and nutrition, life after treatment, osteoporosis, clinical trials, workplace discrimination and complementary therapies.

If your state does not have a breast cancer program listed above please click here for further information.

The Women’s Advocacy Project, Inc.
PO Box 833 Austin, TX 78767-0833
1-888-325-7233 or Austin (476-5386)

The Legal Assistance Line for Texans with Breast Cancer is a part of the Women’s Advocacy Project. With support from the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, the Women’s Advocacy Project has established a legal hotline that offers assistance for breast cancer survivors. Callers can get assistance with employment, income & family issues through the hotline.

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6 Responses to Pro Bono Legal Services for Cancer Patients

  1. Laura Jean Riley January 10, 2011 at 11:46 pm #

    My name is Laura Riley and i live in Knoxville,TN. I have a rare Lung Cancer, Stage 4, and I need some Family law help. I have other medical problems and can’t handle the stress my Ex-Husband and his wife put on me and my 16 year old daughter , who lives with them. My husband and I have had to deal with this for over 4 years and they currently know that we can’t afford an Attorney, so, they take advantage of this and put me through you know what.
    If there is anyone here in the Knoxville area that you may know, Please, I NEED HELP!!!! I have tried Legal Aid, Lawyer Referral, Pro Bono Attorneys, and noone is willing to help.
    I am not in good health and am trying to deal with this ,too. I hope there is something you can help with. Thank You and God Bless.

    Laura Riley

  2. Joe Poole December 12, 2011 at 1:36 pm #

    Do you have anything for persons in Cape May New Jersey.

    I need an attorney to help me keep the roof over my head cause of debtors.

    I am recently diagnosed.

  3. LEAH GALAN March 12, 2012 at 12:29 am #

    Meritain Health insurance will not cover my cancer treatments. CTCA of Tulsa, OK is treating my cancer with ABRAXANE and Meritain has denied all coverage.

  4. LEAH GALAN March 12, 2012 at 12:31 am #

    MERITAIN HEALTH insurance will not cover my cancer treatments. CTCA of Tulsa, OK is using ABRAXANE.

  5. christina peck August 10, 2012 at 8:12 pm #

    hello,i am 45 yrs old just diagnosed with breast cancer in may at stage 4. i am desparate for help as i have not seen my first born grandchild but one time since xmas eve. She is 5 yrs old and has been a part of my and my daughters life every day since birth until an unfortunate turn of events twisted things up and has been most difficult to un twist due to the emotions involved and a lack of affordability on obtaining a lawyer to represent us. as it is now, brianna has no idea of the sudden changes in my appearance,her younger sister however has been here every step and is an absolute angel taking zero notice that granny is now bald. the emotions are overwhelming as it is just in the battle alone but add to it the pain of having a loved one such as a grandchild RIPPED from their family for ones mere greed on recieving benifits,low income housing,tax write offs ect,and as a way to punish the childs mother, is almost enough to break a person down completely. i have not gotten sick from chemo and am a strong canidate for winning the fight. this is hampered by the effects of not having my granddaughter in my life and the idea of not affording an attorney being a big part of why is B*##S+!T. If anyone with compassion and enough money in their bank account is out there who is willing to meet with us and get the scoop on our situation as well as offer representation to correct the wrongdoings that the court is permitting……PLEASE CONTACT ME ASAP>>>>>>9164599864……time is of essence in this matter. i dont know how long i will live or how long i can fight to live,i only know that this situation threatens my ability to stay focused on doing so. thank you and bless all

  6. Tessonja Bradford Granado June 17, 2014 at 8:15 am #

    My name is Tessonja and I have cervical cancer. Apparently I have had it since 2010 however was mmisdiagnosed until October 2013. I went through invasive radiation, chemo, external and internal from Jan 2014 – March 2014 and just took my follow up scan today to see how my cancer is doing. I had filed for a remodification of child support because I found out my son’s biological father purchased a home free and clear for $1,406,000.00 and has several more properties since becoming a real estate salesman that pays for houses cheap then flips them for profit. He then didn’t renew his license and is property manager of all his properties in a trust that him and his sister is trustor and gets paid a fee to manage. He has only seen our son 3 times during our sons 18 years and hides his money from IRS and the courts so his child support doesn’t go up. The last modification of child support was done in April 2012 and he purchased that home free in clear with investment funds and income he had free in clear and had my over the phone conference with judge to show cause of my change of circumstances for my son’s child support to be raised and lost. I had no attorney due to fighting for my life of cancer and he has an attorney that would take money from a baby. She ruled I had no proof of my changed circumstances and then my son graduated June 2014 which he only payed half court ordered child support. I had a case that showed he was an real estate investor and salesman and lies about his income and has never seen our son in years and says he shops at the good will and has abused our son mentally and physically when he did see him those 3 times and payed for private school for his brother who he won custody from his divorce. While I’m fighting for my life having cervical cancer couldn’t present my case so we could go to trial when his attorney said he would have child support reduced and make me pay back all those years the difference when I’m on disability and raising our son along with his brother and doesn’t care if I die or not. I had proof his income was higher from the last modification April 2012 and wanted him to show me his trust agreement that shoes how much money he gets paid to mange properties and last 5 years tax returns and he didn’t show me. I tried finding an attorney to help me but have no money for fee when my cancer treatment is already $46,000 and still not cancer free. I don’t even know if I can file anything since I didn’t appeal her decision since I had just gotten home from cancer treatment and was devastated with her ruling.
    Feeling so hopeless in Fremont ca:(

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