Helping Thy Neighbor…

The Cancer Fairy Godmother is dedicated to reaching beyond the research and support group sites. Our goal is simply to …HELP THY NEIGHBOR. During these times of economic hardship it has become increasingly difficult to meet basic primary needs. The Cancer patient upon diganosis is overwhelmed with life threatening decisions to make as well as worrying about financial matters which can become very stressful towards the road to recovery. The need for monetary assistance of any amount is critical. The co-payments for (doctor visits, infusion treatments, chemo, hospital stays, emergency room, prescriptions, wigs, food, over the counter drugs, rent, mortgage, etc. can add up into the thousands. Just a dollar or two will make the world of difference toward GIVING THE CANCER PATIENT a speedy recovery.


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  1. Stacy August 24, 2011 at 6:57 pm #

    I am a cancer patient in need of financial assistance for living expenses, health care costs, co- payments etc. On the fundraising site that was set up for me so far we have only raised $100 Please help or direct me to where I can get help

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